I’m not sure how well you know Botas but I’ve just discovered the brand with the help of my friend, Jana. BOTAS shoes have been made in Czech Republic for more than 60 years now!! They must be doing something right, right? 🙂 They are cool, comfortable, good quality, fashionable and bright.

I’ve asked Jana to give more details on this traditional Czech shoe manufacturer, hoping that one day I will do a make-up inspired by the colorful sneakers they produce- BOTAS 66. As a result, she had put together the below article and I had created a vibrant, glowing, stylish look for her, using the colors in these fantastic shoes.

Botas – the Czech design icon

Vintage look, vintage style… Haven’t we had enough of it yet? Oh no. Thanks god not. Not until the world comes to know, that even in the eastern part of Europe, namely in the Czech Republic, cool and hip fashion can come to life. Yes, we definitely know what’s in now and we are taking baby steps to conquer the world of fashion or at least the world of street style fashion.

The story begins way before the white socks and sandals became a trend…

The company was established in 1949 under the name Botana following hundreds of years of shoe making tradition in the region (rumors say since 1534). First years of its existence the main product were simple elegant men’s shoes. In the beginning of the sixties, the company moved on to sports shoes under a new brand with a new logo, which is known till today.

Botas = bota (shoe in Czech) + s (sport)

Botas at the Olympics

As it goes with one of the few national brands, botas became a favorite of a number of sportsmen. They made it all the way to the Olympics with a silver volleyball team and won numerous golden medals in marathon runs with our national hero Emil Zatopek.

Henych Stanislav

Henych Stanislav

Eva and Pavel Roman

Eva and Pavel Roman

Emil Zátopek

Emil Zátopek






And the Classics were born – 1966

This was the time that all the cool kids of the sixties were waiting for. The Classics came to the world to take the shoe style up to a new level. Believe it or not but in the early years these were made out of a high quality leather of Mongolian white horses (god praise the great socialistic Czech-Mongolia relations).


They say that the youth is our future, and it is the youth, concretely two young students, that made sure that this brand would rise.  These two students of graphical design and visual communication took their school project seriously (yes it happens). Taking the original design of the 1966 Classics, twisting it up with many color combinations and small design changes, impressed the company and a new collection of Botas this time called Botas 66 was introduced to the market in 2009. The collection has been awarded first places at the European Design award and the Czech Grand Design competition.

With the new collection also a new logo (portraying the two 6 of botas 66) and new designs were created. Apart from the Classics, an ankle high model, running shoes inspired model and street style model were added to the family. All of course following the traditional shapes.

Handmade, traditional, hip and cool. What else can you ask for?

Jana Novotna, stylist